Friday, December 09, 2011

Cinquain- Quill Pen

Quill pen,
writes silences,
when words are lost somewhere,
feelings struggling for hard outcry,
a shaft.

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

I am overly insomniac!

Between the floor of bed, and the roof of my quilt,
i was resting like a corpse, with some exotic guilt.

My bed, was trying its best,  to comfort me in its lap,
and the quilt hugged me tight, leaving zero air gap.

The heap of books, beautifully decorated on my table,
were begging very hard, to recite a technical fable.

Fan kept staring, and walls, silently waiting,
to listen to my story, that i will be telling.

But i, lost there, don't know where, 
perhaps, there, where no one is there.

I was struggling like hell, to find my lost part,
leaving my body here, and soul, far apart.

I kept walking towards nowhere, taking my shadow with me,
stars being the witness, moon, dropped its light, enabling me to see. 

One step after other, with the later coming forth,
my feet kept competing, moving east west and north.

Walking and walking,  i kept walking more,
Thinking and thinking, i kept thinking more.

Finding that the path is endless, i trembled with fear,
although inside the quilt, but wished some warmth to wear.

I felt a Luke warm drop, running fast to hide inside my hairs, 
when my lashes closed up, to occupy the flooded tears.

The tick of clock, brought me back, but eyes, still wept,
left nowhere, now i was there, right where that corpse was kept.

In this way, one more night ended, so dark and demoniac,
i concluded, leaving the words- I am overly insomniac.

Friday, December 02, 2011

Beneath my pillow

Buried beneath my pillow,
are the seeds of my florid pasts,
they sprout up to blossom into sparkling memories,
when my sleep is interrupted by my dreams!
Moments are there,
when your thoughts like the air,
become the reason for my existence,
just like breaths for this life!

Buried beneath my pillow,
are the petals of old withered rose,
still radiating that same deep color,
 like our honest love for each other,
and the fragrance,you won't believe,
is still intense and same,
each time spraying the same vibes,
when we two were sitting by side.

Buried beneath my pillow,
is a beautiful green leaf,
scribbled in it, is a small love song,
for the moments we have shared together.
Hidden beneath my pillow,
is our own beautiful world,
just you and me, leaving world apart,
our eyes sharing the same scenes of sun, moon and stars.

Let the words hide in silences,
and the feelings behind the heartbeats,
let us be together, till the moment,
when the count of stars is complete!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Haiku- A small journey

I started with a 
lust, but ended with a wise
lesson about life.

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Haiku- The tail of hope.

Hold the tail of hope,
more tightly, especially
when others have left.

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

A night with a night

Pouring down the darkness,
into goblet of my eyes,
today ,i decided,
to cheer a drink of-
a night with a night!
Utilizing the opportunity,
to extinguish its raging thirst,
my soul, after a long time,
has drunk the nectar of
late night lust.

The orphan stars twinkling,
narrating the story of some
sometimes glittering,
sometimes tarnishing,
sometimes falling,
to make me a wish,
sometimes diving,
slipping from the sky,
hiding in the dense clouds,
after i wish and shy.

The more late its getting in night,
the more alcoholic,
its denouement has become,
and i, sipping every drop,
of this so called “twilight- wine”.
One moon, doubling twice,
uncountable stars, tripling thrice,
heart thinking,
mind beating,
and lips singing the deepest secrets.

The trees are listening,
flowers have slept,
grasses with the dew drops,
are competing without rest,
to see, in the shine,
between stars and grasses,
who comes out 
to be the best.
Leaves are diffident,
sometimes bowing,
sometimes swaying,
responding to my insane stories,
still not complaining to cease.

The wind, always insomniac,
playing with my untied hairs,
sometimes whispering, 
to get back and sleep,
is trying to make me sneeze,
with the chillness of its air.

Having savored, the ultimate beauty,
of a night sky with my loneliness,
i spent a memorable moment,
laughing and talking,
with all my unconsciousness.


Friday, September 16, 2011

Haiku- Let them not

Those who can't believe,
they will never understand
your exquisite worth.

Its better not to
explain your mastery which
"He" has gifted you.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

In the run of life

Life is running away,
like the water
held in my fist,
how can i stop by,
just to relax
by a smile or a weep,
when my dear destiny,
is pulling me towards it.

I can't even sweep, 
the tear drops on my cheek,
when God Himself 
is holding my hands,
in the run 
towards my dream.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

LOVE- The purest word.

Pouring out the words,
sprinkled deep inside my heart,
here i have come to affirm
LOVE, as a reverent art.

Love is like an orphan bird,
Until born in someone’s core,
and remains a trivial word,
until spirited by feelings that are pure.

Though love is a single term,
but its shadows are many,
which change their colorful colors,
from light black and dark white to,
heavenly blue and earthly green.

Love is the strongest thread,
that binds the two stranger hearts,
and it can be stretched
up to a different world,
no matter how far
the owners of those hearts are.

It starts when the universe decides
to bring a change in someone’s life,
and continues till the last birth,
where souls had memorized
their only mates of every lives.

love is the precious secret
buried deep beneath the silences,
with a fear of losing its worth,
if brought in front of the audiences.
Slowly, it raises and slowly it falls,
with a hope to get some
peace for the beating heart.

Love is crazy to love someone
never knowing the painful reward
of- broken heart and weeping soul.
Sincerely serving the “love” with elation,
it never expects any equal commitment
to be thrown in return.

Love is the purest word,
which should be used with
profuse adoration,
musing it as the bliss of Almighty,
it should not be played like a game
with derision.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Haiku- Life

Life teaches, only
after you have committed
the perceived mistake.

Haiku- Simplicity

Simplicity is
at its best, when you are in
front of your own self.

Saturday, September 03, 2011

Haiku- Birds Of Your Memories

I tried to kill the
birds of your cold memories,
but remained crippled.

Memories that were
fetched, when time brought us closer,
we breathed same fragrances.

 As it was written,
the separation of hearts,
our life went apart.

But now, every time,
when i close my eyes to open
lonely crying heart,

birds of memories,
fly back just to console me,
with lovely big wings.

I tried to kill the
birds of your cold memories,
but remained crippled.

Friday, September 02, 2011

Haiku- Two Hearts

Two hearts, in their own
world, beating for each other,
with great reverence.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The journey has begun

Reposing on the lap of my parent,
the word “future” never seemed so disquieting.
Breathing with the flowers, blossomed in the ambient,
the twinges of hidden thorns, always remained obscuring.

Landing on the real battle field, to win an honored sobriquet in life,
my heart got pierced by the sharpness of “competition-like’ knife.
Bit by bit, learning new things, with all my enthusiasm,
working hard to prove myself, swallowing every criticism.

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Song of an orphan

am born
in the womb
of this pleasing motherly
my body
is forged from
the bones and relics
dead mother
who was buried
in this origin of

i am
striving as a
drudge, who cleans filthy
i had
once seen my
great father working with

grew up
with my pets-
dogs, sheep, mice and
went to
the schools of
house-gates, temples, bus-stops and
i learnt,
the art of
begging, robbing, stealing and

i grew
up in fields
with soil, grass
insects, birds, butterflies and
made friendship
with agony, melancholy,
heartaches, mourns, debacles and

The time
Marched forward and
Forward, i started bustling,
desire to
accidently catch few
drops of luck and

nothing came
in my hand,
that’s too expensive to
grew taller
with my dreams
touching ultimate zenith in
the curse
of poverty and
destitute remained adhered with

time lapsed
away, my ailment remained
sweating, still
begging, with no
mom or dad to

day i
wailed , under the
dark gorgeous sparkling twilight
cried alone,
no-one as friend,
no one to love
to comfort
me with warmth of

one to
hold me when
i fall on the
no one
to aid my
bleeding heart and wounded

one taught
me how to
swallow the rotten dish
my hungry stomach
after their lunch dinner  
n feasts.

most painful
part, let me
tell you my dear
don’t even
know what am
i called or still

like a
street dog i
spent for many more
one day
God decided to
submit me in the
I receive
my meals twice,
but tongue gives no
perhaps burned
with the fire
of loneliness bestowed by

eyes still
dreaming the dreams
of my own well
my arms
still waiting for
a hug of lucky

was the
story of my
lonely life my dear
I am
still waiting to
get a hold of
to be
identified and loved
at least once before i

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The endless wait

Never noticed the inception.

Gazing at the mirror,
i perceived those eyes,
perhaps waiting for something.

Years are elapsing away,
and life is hasting,
to win the trophy of death,
still not finding the courage,
to relinquish this wait.

My eyes dropped a tear.

Sometimes i wonder,
the world behind the mirror,
though a fallacy,
though an illusion,
bestows a great faith.

Behind that transparent,
indispensable curtain,
her eyes were chuckling,
and face,
For her,
the virgin bud blossomed,
into a culminated flower,
and the breeze,
tickled a melodious tune.

she has won,
the souvenir of love,
which i have immutably,
perpetually dreamt
in my

The dream was
to relish his love,
to savor his passion,
to trance in the warmth
of his comforting arms.
My eyelids would raise,
to see his majestic face,
the raising sun in dawn.
And my eyes would shut,
when the moon jumps up,
after capturing his visage
to persist throughout my

The dream was,
to applaud in his success,
to solace in his defeat,
to love him endlessly,
before i would leave.

Though it was a dream for me,
but she,
behind the mirror,
was blessed with all these...

My eyes dropped a tear.

my patience questions-
"should i continue
this endless wait?"
my prayer answers-
"Yes girl,
You should.
someone else is also
for the cessation of
this endless wait."

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Birthday Rhyme

Hoping for your future to be in harmony,
      here i am sending you a teaspoonful of honey.
Articulating my warm wishes for your great success ahead,
      here i am sending you a bit of lucky cake.
Praying for you, a clear path leading to a gracious tomorrow,
      here i am sweeping away  the pebbles of pain and sorrow.
 Pinching you for your new life bestowed by the almighty,
    here i am wishing you a lifetime of a hundred and ninety.
Yearning for you to grow the plants of money,
   here i am sending you the seeds of opportunities.                                           

Brushing off all the memories of loss and grief from your mind,
   here i am sending you a glass of refreshing wine.
Indoctrinating you to take up the path of honesty and charity,
  here i am showing you the path free from austerity.
Reinforcing the desires that you have kept in your heart,
   here i am sending you a lucky tarot card.
Taking you back to your childhood day,
   here i am sending you the toys of clay.
Hugging you for all the achievements that you have had till now,
  here i am sending you the warmness of my arms.

Dressing you up with the clothes of decency and sophistication,
    here i am decorating you with an outfit of perfection.
Applauding you  for all the victories of your life,
   here i am playing a winning song  on a fife.
Year by year, let you be lavished by all the happiness and luxuries,
  here i am praying for you a life of opulence's.



Thursday, March 24, 2011

Unsaid words


Whenever i think of my parents,
          my perturbed heart gets relaxed  under the warmth of their caring arms.

Though God has created an endless universe,
         but for me, the entire universe has shrinked within the lap of my parents.

I remember the day when i entered this uncertain world,
          and the bullets of strangers' eyes were piercing my timid heart making it more nervous,
 It was the bivouac of my parents love that sheltered me
            and gave me courage to confront those unknown faces boldly.

 I remember the day when i dared to take my first step with my wobbly little feet,
            and blubbered when i fall down,
 It was my parent's hand that supported me to get my balance back
            and I walked the entire path ahead of my own.

I remember those  days when I have faced atrocious failures,
           when my eyes got showered by the rain of cataclysm and grief,
It was the compassionate touch of my parent's fingers that swept my tears
             and  their healing words and sincere wishes that bestowed a smile on my lips.