Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Birthday Rhyme

Hoping for your future to be in harmony,
      here i am sending you a teaspoonful of honey.
Articulating my warm wishes for your great success ahead,
      here i am sending you a bit of lucky cake.
Praying for you, a clear path leading to a gracious tomorrow,
      here i am sweeping away  the pebbles of pain and sorrow.
 Pinching you for your new life bestowed by the almighty,
    here i am wishing you a lifetime of a hundred and ninety.
Yearning for you to grow the plants of money,
   here i am sending you the seeds of opportunities.                                           

Brushing off all the memories of loss and grief from your mind,
   here i am sending you a glass of refreshing wine.
Indoctrinating you to take up the path of honesty and charity,
  here i am showing you the path free from austerity.
Reinforcing the desires that you have kept in your heart,
   here i am sending you a lucky tarot card.
Taking you back to your childhood day,
   here i am sending you the toys of clay.
Hugging you for all the achievements that you have had till now,
  here i am sending you the warmness of my arms.

Dressing you up with the clothes of decency and sophistication,
    here i am decorating you with an outfit of perfection.
Applauding you  for all the victories of your life,
   here i am playing a winning song  on a fife.
Year by year, let you be lavished by all the happiness and luxuries,
  here i am praying for you a life of opulence's.



Thursday, March 24, 2011

Unsaid words


Whenever i think of my parents,
          my perturbed heart gets relaxed  under the warmth of their caring arms.

Though God has created an endless universe,
         but for me, the entire universe has shrinked within the lap of my parents.

I remember the day when i entered this uncertain world,
          and the bullets of strangers' eyes were piercing my timid heart making it more nervous,
 It was the bivouac of my parents love that sheltered me
            and gave me courage to confront those unknown faces boldly.

 I remember the day when i dared to take my first step with my wobbly little feet,
            and blubbered when i fall down,
 It was my parent's hand that supported me to get my balance back
            and I walked the entire path ahead of my own.

I remember those  days when I have faced atrocious failures,
           when my eyes got showered by the rain of cataclysm and grief,
It was the compassionate touch of my parent's fingers that swept my tears
             and  their healing words and sincere wishes that bestowed a smile on my lips.