The endless wait

Never noticed the inception.

Gazing at the mirror,
i perceived those eyes,
perhaps waiting for something.

Years are elapsing away,
and life is hasting,
to win the trophy of death,
still not finding the courage,
to relinquish this wait.

My eyes dropped a tear.

Sometimes i wonder,
the world behind the mirror,
though a fallacy,
though an illusion,
bestows a great faith.

Behind that transparent,
indispensable curtain,
her eyes were chuckling,
and face,
For her,
the virgin bud blossomed,
into a culminated flower,
and the breeze,
tickled a melodious tune.

she has won,
the souvenir of love,
which i have immutably,
perpetually dreamt
in my

The dream was
to relish his love,
to savor his passion,
to trance in the warmth
of his comforting arms.
My eyelids would raise,
to see his majestic face,
the raising sun in dawn.
And my eyes would shut,
when the moon jumps up,
after capturing his visage
to persist throughout my

The dream was,
to applaud in his success,
to solace in his defeat,
to love him endlessly,
before i would leave.

Though it was a dream for me,
but she,
behind the mirror,
was blessed with all these...

My eyes dropped a tear.

my patience questions-
"should i continue
this endless wait?"
my prayer answers-
"Yes girl,
You should.
someone else is also
for the cessation of
this endless wait."


Suresh Shrestha said…
Someone may be in an endless wait in love .
Every moment crawls like a year if you're in love.
yet, undying patience is the charm of true love.
Wait till death is possible in selfless love.

A heart-searching Poem.
Aakriti said…
thnk u suresh for ur may find this poem as a continuation of my first ever blog post "A prayer"!