The journey has begun

Reposing on the lap of my parent,
the word “future” never seemed so disquieting.
Breathing with the flowers, blossomed in the ambient,
the twinges of hidden thorns, always remained obscuring.

Landing on the real battle field, to win an honored sobriquet in life,
my heart got pierced by the sharpness of “competition-like’ knife.
Bit by bit, learning new things, with all my enthusiasm,
working hard to prove myself, swallowing every criticism.


Kitty said…
Good Gal ! keep it up with all your enthusiasm and with positivity..we always have to be on our toes ! :)
Balqis said…
Very nicely-written and filled with determination! Love the positive vibes you put into this poem. Every criticism is the drive to do better so, let's look at the good side of it. Keep going for the rough road will be much easier as you go further. Smile, Aakriti! :)
Aakriti said…
@kitty: Thanks friend. i am trying hard not to let my enthusiasm go down!
Aakriti said…
@Balqis: Thank you for the appreciation! Though criticism is very difficult to bear, but they are perhaps the best lessons that we can learn, not from the books, but by experiencing somethin in life!
Keep coming! :)
Suresh Shrestha said…
Hmmm!!! Journey has begun with a punctured heart, a brave heart you have! Good!

Let CRITICISM churn your LEARNING new things into the OINTMENT that can heal your brave HEART wounded by the COMPETITION-LIKE knife.
Aakriti said…
Thank you friend for your kind words!!!! i wish my brave heart could collect some courage, so as to carry on with this journey!
Thanks Suresh for a nice comment!