Haiku- Let them not

Those who can't believe,
they will never understand
your exquisite worth.

Its better not to
explain your mastery which
"He" has gifted you.


Kitty said…
Hey Aakriti, I think we both have similar thoughts running down our minds ! :) and you've expressed your feelings so nicely in this haiku form. Loved it so much...I think this is one of your best haiku posts..
Lots of love my frnd !
Aakriti said…
Thank you so much Kitty. Its really a good thing that we are having same thoughts now a days! Our recent writings have proved that. I hope we can find solutions to our problems by each other's posts! :)
Balqis said…
Your creativity shows! You have penned it down so nicely. A Haiku can be a platform to express our feelings. Keep going! :)
Aakriti said…
@ Balqis,
i have tried my best to pen down m feelings through words!
Thanks for coming friend! :)
Suresh Shrestha said…
Yes Aakriti, to know what one possesses uniquely begins with the hope that you have to have for it. then, the bright side glows automatically without your having to explain it.
A good couple of Haiku with good messages! :)
Aakriti said…
Wow...i am really glad to have you in my blog back!
And thanks a lot for appreciating!