In the run of life

Life is running away,
like the water
held in my fist,
how can i stop by,
just to relax
by a smile or a weep,
when my dear destiny,
is pulling me towards it.

I can't even sweep, 
the tear drops on my cheek,
when God Himself 
is holding my hands,
in the run 
towards my dream.


Saru Singhal said…
Lovely...Profound thoughts told so simply, awesome!
Aakriti said…
Thank you Saru! :)
Kitty said…
Wah Aakriti! I loved it..especially the second stanza : I can't even sweep,
the tear drops on my cheek,
when God Himself
is holding my hands...

Imaginative with intense thoughts.
Nice one ! :)
Aakriti said…
Thank you Kitty! that stanza is also my fav!
keep coming!:)
Balqis said…
This is really sweet and so meaningful! I could feel your feeling in the poem. Very expressive! Keep it up! :)
Aakriti said…
Thank you Balqis! :)