LOVE- The purest word.

Pouring out the words,
sprinkled deep inside my heart,
here i have come to affirm
LOVE, as a reverent art.

Love is like an orphan bird,
Until born in someone’s core,
and remains a trivial word,
until spirited by feelings that are pure.

Though love is a single term,
but its shadows are many,
which change their colorful colors,
from light black and dark white to,
heavenly blue and earthly green.

Love is the strongest thread,
that binds the two stranger hearts,
and it can be stretched
up to a different world,
no matter how far
the owners of those hearts are.

It starts when the universe decides
to bring a change in someone’s life,
and continues till the last birth,
where souls had memorized
their only mates of every lives.

love is the precious secret
buried deep beneath the silences,
with a fear of losing its worth,
if brought in front of the audiences.
Slowly, it raises and slowly it falls,
with a hope to get some
peace for the beating heart.

Love is crazy to love someone
never knowing the painful reward
of- broken heart and weeping soul.
Sincerely serving the “love” with elation,
it never expects any equal commitment
to be thrown in return.

Love is the purest word,
which should be used with
profuse adoration,
musing it as the bliss of Almighty,
it should not be played like a game
with derision.


Balqis said…
Loved every line of your poem. Very well-expressed! Keep it up! :)
Aakriti said…
Thank you so much Balqis for stopping by and leaving a nice comment! :) I am trying my best!
Saru Singhal said…
If anyone reads this poem, there will be a smile on his/her face. I fell in love with the title when I saw it in my dashboard. Super creation.
Aakriti said…
Thank you so much for showing your kind intrests towards my efforts! I am really very happy by your visits! Keep coming! :)