A night with a night

Pouring down the darkness,
into goblet of my eyes,
today ,i decided,
to cheer a drink of-
a night with a night!
Utilizing the opportunity,
to extinguish its raging thirst,
my soul, after a long time,
has drunk the nectar of
late night lust.

The orphan stars twinkling,
narrating the story of some
sometimes glittering,
sometimes tarnishing,
sometimes falling,
to make me a wish,
sometimes diving,
slipping from the sky,
hiding in the dense clouds,
after i wish and shy.

The more late its getting in night,
the more alcoholic,
its denouement has become,
and i, sipping every drop,
of this so called “twilight- wine”.
One moon, doubling twice,
uncountable stars, tripling thrice,
heart thinking,
mind beating,
and lips singing the deepest secrets.

The trees are listening,
flowers have slept,
grasses with the dew drops,
are competing without rest,
to see, in the shine,
between stars and grasses,
who comes out 
to be the best.
Leaves are diffident,
sometimes bowing,
sometimes swaying,
responding to my insane stories,
still not complaining to cease.

The wind, always insomniac,
playing with my untied hairs,
sometimes whispering, 
to get back and sleep,
is trying to make me sneeze,
with the chillness of its air.

Having savored, the ultimate beauty,
of a night sky with my loneliness,
i spent a memorable moment,
laughing and talking,
with all my unconsciousness.



Aakriti said…
Checking my comment box!
Suresh Shrestha said…
Well, dear Aakriti!

"I devoured the intoxicating post of yours. I felt the shiny stars playing hide and seek with your twinkling eyes, saw the naughty wind gently pulling your hair and whispering right into your ears, and enjoyed the hidden beauty of the night through your touching words!"

Nice expression! :)
Aakriti said…
Thank you so much Suresh! The beauty of night is beyond any comparison.......!