Friday, December 09, 2011

Cinquain- Quill Pen

Quill pen,
writes silences,
when words are lost somewhere,
feelings struggling for hard outcry,
a shaft.

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

I am overly insomniac!

Between the floor of bed, and the roof of my quilt,
i was resting like a corpse, with some exotic guilt.

My bed, was trying its best,  to comfort me in its lap,
and the quilt hugged me tight, leaving zero air gap.

The heap of books, beautifully decorated on my table,
were begging very hard, to recite a technical fable.

Fan kept staring, and walls, silently waiting,
to listen to my story, that i will be telling.

But i, lost there, don't know where, 
perhaps, there, where no one is there.

I was struggling like hell, to find my lost part,
leaving my body here, and soul, far apart.

I kept walking towards nowhere, taking my shadow with me,
stars being the witness, moon, dropped its light, enabling me to see. 

One step after other, with the later coming forth,
my feet kept competing, moving east west and north.

Walking and walking,  i kept walking more,
Thinking and thinking, i kept thinking more.

Finding that the path is endless, i trembled with fear,
although inside the quilt, but wished some warmth to wear.

I felt a Luke warm drop, running fast to hide inside my hairs, 
when my lashes closed up, to occupy the flooded tears.

The tick of clock, brought me back, but eyes, still wept,
left nowhere, now i was there, right where that corpse was kept.

In this way, one more night ended, so dark and demoniac,
i concluded, leaving the words- I am overly insomniac.

Friday, December 02, 2011

Beneath my pillow

Buried beneath my pillow,
are the seeds of my florid pasts,
they sprout up to blossom into sparkling memories,
when my sleep is interrupted by my dreams!
Moments are there,
when your thoughts like the air,
become the reason for my existence,
just like breaths for this life!

Buried beneath my pillow,
are the petals of old withered rose,
still radiating that same deep color,
 like our honest love for each other,
and the fragrance,you won't believe,
is still intense and same,
each time spraying the same vibes,
when we two were sitting by side.

Buried beneath my pillow,
is a beautiful green leaf,
scribbled in it, is a small love song,
for the moments we have shared together.
Hidden beneath my pillow,
is our own beautiful world,
just you and me, leaving world apart,
our eyes sharing the same scenes of sun, moon and stars.

Let the words hide in silences,
and the feelings behind the heartbeats,
let us be together, till the moment,
when the count of stars is complete!