Ripples of intolerance,
            generated in some heart,
Anger, the poisonous weapon,
  tears respect apart,
Gust of grudge slaps the mind,
            causes vilification to start,
  Expounds the deepest bitterness,
                        humbleness from speech, departs.


Sagittarian said…
Hi Aki :) Great penned! You've done great acrostic sweety, I love it and your words are true..:) Thanks for sharing Aki! :) Blessed day to you! :) Hug and kisses..:) Smile..:)
~♥Sie♥~ said…
Aakriti I just felt how deep the anger is..you have chosen the right words in your acrostic poem..scary pix..totally terrifying!
Kitty said…
Each word expressed here is dripping with rage ! 'RAGE' smoothly molded into acrostic poem.
fantastic work ! :)
Saru Singhal said…
You expressed the word in totality. Never knew rage can sound so poetic, though...

Loved this line a lot -
"Anger, the poisonous weapon,
tears respect apart"
Aakriti said…
Hi Rose! I hope you liked my first acrostic :) :)..........Thanks for dropping your words! A grt day to u too! LOVE!:)
Aakriti said…
Sie, happy to see you again! :)
Anger is really very deep, and if it results from some grudge or regret of some past action, then it becomes violent! :)
Thank you so much! Have a grt day! :)
Aakriti said…
Hey Kitty, How are you????
Anger is so bad, that anything it touches becomes rude! My words, being touched by anger, are now dripping it!
thanks for being! Keep coming! A nyc day to u!:)
Aakriti said…
Hi Saru,
hope you enjoyed this poetic rage! :) ;)
thanks for your kind words...Have a lovely day! :)
Satyajit said…
You got really great imagination. dear
It is hard to picture a scene where darkness lies that is anger.