Friday, February 10, 2012


This valentine, I’ll dress like a princess, in a taffeta white gown,
airs left untied, and  pretty stilettos, supporting my trembling toes.
neffable joy, tears of ecstasy in eyes, hence lashes bowing down,
hyness in face, blushing pink to red, heartbeat excited, as time goes.

Verily I’ll place, my heart and a proposal of lifetime relationship,
And I’ll again wait, as long as I have been waiting till present date.
ovesick, lovelorn, with a thirst to receive a pinch of your kinship,
nraptured, breathless for your arrival, I have been staring the gate.
Nuptial seems the ambient and the sun has vowed to shine less,
he clouds and the wind, in the palace of sky, will grandly celebrate the scene.
n the absence of yours, I’ll decorate the divine old road, our honorable witness,
ightingale will sing, even in the shadowed sun beams, though insane it mean.
Eyes drown in hope, and hands begging your astonishing arrival,
let my love, serve you at least once, before being a silent burial. 

Friday, February 03, 2012


Trudging through the steep hills of life,

   the valley of patience gets dry and dry.
Hotness of pain, not the giant Sun my friend,
    evaporating the blood, showering the sweat, brings the courage to an end.
Embossed in my palms, are some sketches of destiny,
     zig-zagged , cross crossed, but no tick marks, or sign of sanity.

Stop not, for the stars won’t change,     

      nor the moon, nor the sun, nor the universe would change.
Take a turn, when the time comes,
       but don’t let the journey sooner end.
Aspire, desire, fill your eye’s pool with dreams, not water,
       acquire, inspire, a new heart, to fly higher.
Revenge not, vomit the bitter grudge out,
       as, for every bad deed, a bad reward is ready to sprout. 
Think not, just start on, the things will arrange by themselves,
      With a pure heart, just pray for once, leave the rest on Him to settle.

Thursday, February 02, 2012


On the narrow edge of my balcony’s wall,

I was sitting, listening to the music of silence.
50 feet from ground, with a small fear of fall,
I was estimating the solitaire moon’s eminence.

The breeze was caressing the body of leaves,

making them bow, for some reverence and shy,
the stars were winking at the romance of the scenes,
and I was witnessing the miraculous beauty of sky.

Meanwhile, from a distance beyond my sight,

I heard a melodious voice, singing a tale of lost love,
fragrance of sweet pain, scattered in the palace of night,
hypnotized,  magnetized, my mind from body, got shove.

Beauty of night became dark, under the shadow of some ugly memory,

silences found words,  song became wail,  echoes of some past being  additory.