On the narrow edge of my balcony’s wall,

I was sitting, listening to the music of silence.
50 feet from ground, with a small fear of fall,
I was estimating the solitaire moon’s eminence.

The breeze was caressing the body of leaves,

making them bow, for some reverence and shy,
the stars were winking at the romance of the scenes,
and I was witnessing the miraculous beauty of sky.

Meanwhile, from a distance beyond my sight,

I heard a melodious voice, singing a tale of lost love,
fragrance of sweet pain, scattered in the palace of night,
hypnotized,  magnetized, my mind from body, got shove.

Beauty of night became dark, under the shadow of some ugly memory,

silences found words,  song became wail,  echoes of some past being  additory.  


~♥Sie♥~ said…
wow you penned it so beautifully Aakriti and your chosen pix suits your poem so made me visualize and feel the emotions inside your poem..*claps claps* done I'm speechless hehehe..passing by with a smile ;)
Sagittarian said…
This is fabulous Aki! :) I love your words here, very uplifting and provoking.:) I'm happy that you were able to inspire us despite of your hectic sched at school now!

I love the image here too..:) Have a wonderful day Aki! :)
Aakriti said…
@Sie: Hi friend! Thank you so much for your lovely words! It maters me a lot if my dear readers are able to visualize the concepts hidden in my poem! :)
Thank you so much........lots of love!:)
Aakriti said…
@Hi Rose! How are you doing! i didn't received your reply mail! :( :(...nyways, thank you so much for appreciating my work! Well i am free now! Hehehe......:)
Love you! muaaahh!
Sagittarian said…
Hi Aki! :) I was waiting too for your reply! :) hehehe.. Anyway, I love reading your post..:) Thanks for sharing..:)Muaaaahh!:)
Balqis said…
You're so talented, Aakriti. Your poem shows it. Very well-written. Love it. :)
Aakriti said…
Another blessing of God! :)
Thanks a lot for being here! Your comments matter a lot! :)
Satyajit said…
Indeed you are so talented, dear.

All these poems are showing something which people would never be able to guess by just seeing you.
Aakriti said…
Hello is indeed difficult to judge people by just looking at them! Thanks for your words! :)