This valentine, I’ll dress like a princess, in a taffeta white gown,
airs left untied, and  pretty stilettos, supporting my trembling toes.
neffable joy, tears of ecstasy in eyes, hence lashes bowing down,
hyness in face, blushing pink to red, heartbeat excited, as time goes.

Verily I’ll place, my heart and a proposal of lifetime relationship,
And I’ll again wait, as long as I have been waiting till present date.
ovesick, lovelorn, with a thirst to receive a pinch of your kinship,
nraptured, breathless for your arrival, I have been staring the gate.
Nuptial seems the ambient and the sun has vowed to shine less,
he clouds and the wind, in the palace of sky, will grandly celebrate the scene.
n the absence of yours, I’ll decorate the divine old road, our honorable witness,
ightingale will sing, even in the shadowed sun beams, though insane it mean.
Eyes drown in hope, and hands begging your astonishing arrival,
let my love, serve you at least once, before being a silent burial. 


Sagittarian said…
Oh wonderful acrostic and very romantic Aki!:) You're inspired sweety...:) Keep it up! muaaaaahhhhhh..:) Hug and kisses..:)
Aakriti said…
Thanks Rose, and you know the reason of my inspiration! :)
Thanks for being here! Hugs n kisses! :)
bharati said…
Hhhmm...good one...will appeal to the teenagers...:)
Aakriti said…
Hello Mam,
You r'll appeal more to the teenagers! :)
thanks a lot for being here! :)
Have a nice day mam!:)
Balqis said…
You really have the knack for beautifully written poem! Love it. :)
Abhishek Dudeja said…
your words have something inspiring for me.....grrrt writing skills especially "THIS VALENTINE" formed in the poem....... :)
Situ said…
Very good writings..
no words to say :)
Aakriti said…
Hello Balqis.....thanks a lot for your words! :) Hope you are doin good!
Aakriti said…
Hi Abhishek........welcome to my blog!I am happy that you found something inspiring in my post!
Thanks for being....hope to see you more
Aakriti said…
Hi Satyajit......Welcome to my blog...i ma vry vry happy to hv ur comments here! :) Thansk a lot for ur words! :)
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