Buy me some happiness sahabji

Eyes of my abba, are parch since ages,

he sold his pearly tears, to buy some stony poverty,

would you buy me some tears, my rich Sahabji,

so that he could cry at his fate and adversity.

My amma looks ugly, with her tanned skin,

working day long under cruel sun since dawn,

would you buy me some beauty, my rich Sahabji,

I want to return her grace and charm, far gone.

I broke my bangles, donated by my wealthier friend,

while washing crystal dishes in their majestic lands,

would you buy me some rhythm, my rich Sahabji,

so that I can again hear the tinkles in my barren hands. 

Thatches of roof have blown, and stones of walls are slicking,

my home, like an open field, is breaking and collapsing,

would you buy me some shelter, my rich Sahabji,

creatures of darkness are haunting, scaring and annoying.

Night after night, even sleep has desisted visiting my lashes,

restlessness, tiredness, screaming pains and rotting wounds,

would you buy me some rest, my rich Sahabji,

I want a healing nap, before enjoying those eternal mourns.

Buy me some smile, buy me some peace,

buy me some cheap reasons, I want to live. 

buy me some fragrance of satisfaction and luck,

buy me some fresh breeze, I want to breathe. 


Debojyoti... said…
Fantastic Aakriti....,
Too touchy..., very well depicted to moist those eyes...
Aakriti said…
Hello Debojyoti........good to see u after a long time! Thank you so much for your words! :)
Keep coming! :)
Saru Singhal said…
Profound and heart touching...
Aakriti said…
Thanks Saru! have a great day! :)
Samrat said…
The untold pangs , the bare necessities, the rants and the grief coupled with the complain of a gamine to the so-called civilized world are exquisitely and aptly delineated with careful poetic diction. The eyes' of a litterateur,despite the outward glamour and grandeur, never fail to discover the hidden truth of a society irrespective of caste and creed. Lovely.
Aakriti said…
hello Samrat,
I is sometimes very necessary to give words to those unsaid words....if not we, then who else you expect would do that! :) :)
Thanks a lot for such a nice comment! :)
pranav said…
nyc 1 ...looking forward for more.......
Aakriti said…
Thanks for being in my blog Pranav! :)
Hope to see you again! :)
jignesh said…
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Aakriti said…
Hi Jignesh.......I am glad to have you in my blog! :) And thanks a lot for your kind words! :) Hope to see you again! :)
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