Thursday, May 14, 2015

Miracle Happens

Because of you, miracle happens,
the sepia-hued rose within my diary,
spreads a vintage incense as spiry.
each time, the passion deepens.

Because of you, miracle happens,
the notorious pigeon on the attic,
coos like a melodramatic,
each time, the song softens.

Because of you, miracle happens,

the purity preserved within my core,
flows across the center till the shore, 
each time, the waves ascends.

Because of you, miracle happens,
the diya flame dances in the sacred place,
flickers for no reason, with a grace,
each time, the flashback brightens.

The filthy Man

He sleeps on the rocks,
and collects the gold from sun,
he sleeps on the sand,
and collects the silver from moon.

He sits under a hut,
and gathers the diamonds from rain,
he sits within an attic,
and paints the colourlessness of breeze.

The sparks of chimera flows in his mind.
The plethora of ink flows in his blood.

He traps the serendipity,
in the cages of exemptions.
He hums the melancholy,
in the farms of seclusions.

He sits in the backyard,
and writes the dryness of tears.
He sits in the courtyard,
and scribbles the “this that” for years.

He is filthy with the dust of pasts,
he is filthy with the rust of pasts.
He is a filthy man.
He is an artist.

Crossing the Road

Some clock long back, 
while crossing the road track,
amidst the crowd of wheels,
I was timid on my heels.

You came beside me,
and held my hand,
I turned side to see,
who’s holding my hand!

Your black GAP pull-over,
veiled  your face all over,
you didn't turned to me,
your face, I wanted to see.

A fraction of moment passed,
I forgot the first and the last,
you dragged me to the counter track,
all along I lost  my mental track.

You were holding my hand tenderly,
preventing the hurt of a touch,
we crossed the road track breezily,
avoiding the worldly smudge.

We departed at the other end,
for the time that will soon end,
for the serendipity that happened,
for the “something” just happened.

Way back I was wondering,
your face I was imagining,
the peace I was enjoying,
some song I was humming.

The hand which you have held,

I kept it untouched for days,
to preserve the freshness of your presence,
to savour the beauty of your fragrance.

Let me know your name, not,
let me know not where you live,
I am happy with the endless fantasies,
for a reality is meant to hurt us more!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Pinjare me kaid parinda, aaj chutne wala hai,
badal me kaid sawan, aaj barasne wala hai,
sukhi padi thi syahi, muntazir ke kalam ki,
panno me kaid afsana, aaj likhne wala hai.
Khali pada hai ghada, nadee ke kinare,
pyasa khada hai tu, zindagi ke chaurahe,
le utha wo ghada,  dubade kokh me nadee ki,
bujhale apni tadpan, kya taak raha hai pyare.
Zara is pal ki zeenat pe nazar to daliye,
zara is pal ke thehraav pe gaur farmaiye,
kaise thirak raha hai pal, dhadkano ki taal pe,
zara is pal ki nazakat pe dil to hariye.
Khushbu aati hai tapti mitti ki pyaas bujhne par,
muskaan aati hai tanhayi me tera sath milne par,
pighalne lagta hai mann, patthar ke khuda ka bhi mere yaron,
sunkar pakeza si dua ke dastak jannat ke darwaze par.

Emotions Have Same Color in Human and Animal

Last Sunday morning, I went to a garden for a walk, which is located next to the EGL Tech Park. After 20 minutes of walk along the circumference of the garden, I sat on a bench and closed my eyes to allow the morning light pour into my head and enlighten me from within.

Nature brings you closer to the almighty. If you are sensitive enough to recognize the invisible universal forces, you can feel the positivity around you as you attempt to attract it. With a pure soul, nature finds it easier to connect. As the connection is set up, the communication between you and nature starts. Either the mind participates, or the heart. You feel as if you are getting drown into some blue space; a space that looks like the beautiful night sky. You can imagine colourful lights shining like firecrackers or kaleidoscope or a shooting star. Generally when I reach this state of divine imagination, I see all the faces of Sai Baba that I have seen so far in the photos and temples.”    
As I opened my eyes to intentionally break the imagination, I spotted a very playful fat dog in the garden.  It was running through the garden enjoying the morning beauty, sometimes jumping across the bricks, sometimes licking its paws. It went towards a tree in the lawn, saw something and started moving around it continuously. Its naughtiness was gone for a moment. It became calm. I walked towards the tree to see if everything is fine.  

At the spot, I saw a dead kitten. As I came closer, the dog went away from the spot as if it never minds to notice a dead kitten. I broke a branch of smaller length from the tree to touch the kitten. The body of the kitten was already hard. Its body seemed to be wet, as if it had rained at night; however it has not rained in Bangalore since last few days. I remembered my pet kitten which died as it accidentally fell into a small cemented tank in the Varendah of our home. I noticed a queue of ants crossing by the dead, none of them with an intention to feast the flesh. I was surprised to see that! Being a cat-lover, I was very sad to see the cute kitten lying in that state. I turned back to return to my pg. At the entrance of the garden (which was the exit too) I saw that dog. It was sitting there quietly, with its sad face placed over its crossed paws. I could feel an invisible string connected between me and the dog. I could feel that the dog was sad too, as I was. I felt as if it was offering condolence towards the poor kitten.  I proceeded slowly staring at the dog with an unknown love and care in my heart.  The dog looked at me back. I was satisfied. Its eyes reflected the humanly sorrow of losing someone. It was really a beautiful sight. I thanked Sai Baba for keeping the colour of emotions same in human and animals. I moved on….

ये ज़िंदगी

कभी गुलाब की खुशबू सी,
कभी गुलाल के रंगों सी,
कितनी खूबसूरत सी है ये ज़िंदगी.
हाथों की लकीरें तो हथेलियों में सिमट जाती हैं,
इनसे ज़िंदगी के रास्तों को क्यों नापते हो?
नदियों की बाहें तो साहिलों में सिमट जाती हैं,
इनसे रिश्तों की दूरियों को क्यों नापते हो?

कभी ज़ंजीरों में बँधी सी,
कभी समंदर के डूबी सी,
कितनी बेचैन सी है ये ज़िंदगी.

पाना और खोना तो बस संजोग की बात है,
इसपे खुदा से शिकायत क्यों करते हो?
दिल तो काँच से भी ज्यादा नज़ुक है,
इसे पत्थर के जिस्म में क्यों दबोचते हो?

कभी इश्क में खोई सी,
कभी तन्हाई में रोई सी,
कितनी अकेली सी है ये ज़िंदगी.

ले चल ऐ वक्त अपने साथ हमें,
अतीत के अँधेरे में ढकेलता है क्यों?
कभी अपने वक्त की कहानियाँ सुना हमें,
केवल हमारी कहानियाँ लिखता है क्यों?

कभी कलम में कैद सी,
कभी अपनी कभी ग़ैर सी,
कितनी खामोश सी सी है ये ज़िंदगी.