Imperfection is Beautiful

Right below the flyover, from where our office cab takes a U-turn every morning to accomplish a journey to office through hard-core Bangalore traffic, a negligibly beautiful faluda stall greets me with an amusing smile. No matter how slumberous I am in the cab, the name ‘SPESAL FALUDA’ on the width of the stall roof grabs all my attention and blows liveliness in me. This little thing manifests the ever known quote ‘Imperfection is beautiful’.

Now that I witness this imperfection each day, should I approach the stall owner tomorrow and put him wise about this typo error on his stall and prove my superiority of a better command over English language? Or should I clear off this disgust of reading a wrong word by striking off the SPESAL and correcting it to SPECIAL, or may be black paint the word and thus sort it out forever? Or should I just settle down with a fine fact that the length of the words SPESAL and FALUDA perfectly fit to the width of the stall roof and fulfill the basic purpose of advertising the food item?  

Life becomes easier when we accept few imperfections.

An unwanted red stroke on one of the petals of yellow tulip never reduces its charm; nor does an ugly birth mark on the face of a girl hamper her grace. A clear sunshine every morning is good, but a cloudy weather sometimes, is still appreciable. Fame, wealth, luxury etc are undeniably the priority of this latter day competitive era. But if we take a moment to forcefully freeze our analytic brain and use our mind with a spiritual maturity, we start accepting certain imperfections in our daily life without complain. A simple understanding of such an assent plays an important role in our relationships and helps in diluting biggest possible rhubarbs.  
Smile at the imperfection that need not requires a change. Nurture it with the warmth of compassion and make this lifetime even more beautiful.