She got up in the middle of a night, the clock in her phone displayed 2.45 am. “He must be reaching”, she murmured and smiled. She neatly arranged the bed and collected her long hair into a tight pony. Her silky nylon black nightgown smoothly paralleled her statuesque body, as she walked towards the kitchen. She prepared a cup of coffee and proceeded towards the balcony of her room at the 26th floor of the building. The vehicles continued to enliven the road with the blaze of headlight and zoom of the wheels.

She turned around and leaned on the wooden balcony railing, from where she can now see her bedroom. The wall opposite her view was decorated with phenomenal success in the form of numerous merit certificates she had been awarded with. A bunch of medals – gold, silver and bronze, hung from a nail on the same wall. The study table arranged along the same wall was over-burdened with her research papers and spiral-bound notebooks. She smiled and sigh a pride of excellence that had trailed in every work she ever took up. She smiled and sigh the sarcasm of vengeance for all those who underestimated her. She smiled and sighs on the permanent loss of people who were once indispensable from her life. She smiled and sighs on each dreadful day that broke every thread of imperturbability within her. And then her smile adapted a loud snort.

She realized that the coffee in the cup was over. She went into her room and sat on the small bar table to the left of the study table. The small bar that consisted of a wooden bar table along with two chairs placed at both the sides, had the finest wine and rum collection, that perfectly suited the taste of her filthy rich husband. She poured some wine in a beautiful goblet. While elegantly gripped the goblet base and noticed the clock on the wall ticked 3.30 as she took the first sip. “He is late”, she perceived. She brushed her husband’s navy moleskin blazer, lying over one of the chair seat. Before she could pick the blazer up, the door bell rang. She smiled and sighs at the beauty of moments counted while waiting for her husband each night. She revered her life.
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